Monday 19th June: Ordre de mission: Le ciel luxembourgeois
The challenge is to make the sky your subject, the star of the show, the centre-piece, and at the same time include something in your frame, some element, some clue which tells us “Yes, it’s Luxembourg beneath that sky”. Please limit yourselves to a maximum of 5 images to provide everyone an opportunity to present their contributions. And, as the old adage goes, “less is more”. We want to see your best.

Monday 26th June: Préparation Exposition: L’Eau/Water
We will continue with the presentation and evaluation of candidate images for inclusion in this year’s exhibition on the theme of “L’Eau/Water”. Based on the gratifyingly large number of members who chose to participate in the 22nd May session, we took the decision to limit a little further the number of images per participant to try and ensure there is sufficient time to properly assess and feedback on everyone’s images. So please limit yourselves to a maximum of 3 images.

Monday 3rd July: Repas d’été
Time to both wind up, and wind down as we go into the summer break. As is traditional, we will meet for some nice food, drink and convivial conversation. Details to follow 🙂

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