Expo: ‘Adaptations’ organised by CinEast

We kindly invite you to the vernissage of the exhibition ‘Adaptations’ on WED 4 OCTOBER at 18.30 (free entrance)
The photography exhibition ‘Adaptations’ showcased in the Salles voutées in Neimënster presents a visual reflection on the festival’s main theme, exploring the profound adjustments required by some of the most significant transformations facing our societies and humanity at present.
Adapting to the consequences of the current war in Ukraine, of course, to the massive and multifold challenges posed by climate change, but also to an environment marked by increasing migrations and rapid technological developments.
One of the perspectives that guided the curator, Marta Szymańska, in her choice of photographic projects was to envision adaptations not only as forced changes imposed by a major challenge, but also – at least in some cases – as creative solutions to new circumstances, propelling us forward.
In the past, humanity has very rarely had to adapt to radical changes within the space of a single lifetime or even generation. There is no doubt that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented rate of change in many areas, which is having an irreversible impact on the world we know and on the ways in which we have been used to dealing with it. These methods are no longer effective or have become totally outdated. The ability to adapt to such rapidly changing conditions appears to be one of the most important, if not the most important human trait for both individuals and societies. The irreversible effects of climate change, demographic change, including migration and an ageing population, war, human rights violations, technological revolution, including artificial intelligence, and its impact on the labour market, autocratic governments, and the ideology of constant growth leading to the depletion of our resources. These are some of the major axes of change that also pose the greatest challenges to humanity at the start of the twenty-first century.
Individual projects: Alberto Giuliani (Italy), Pasha Kritchko (Belarus), Mykhaylo Palinchak (Ukraine), Judit Ruprech (Hungary) and Simone Tramonte (Italy).
Commissionner : Marta Szymańska
Coordinator : Radek Lipka
Organised by CinEast in collaboration and with the support of Neimënster.

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