The CIEL programme: extended cut

As you all probably know, you can consult our calendar from the website to see the subjects of upcoming sessions. You can even subscribe to the calendar to have it available in your own calendar app. However, the amount of information which can be shared about any particular session in the calendar is somewhat limited. […]

What’s On: Rencontres Photographiques du Val de Fensch

The first Rencontres Photographiques du Val de Fensch, organised by GAPHE (Groupement des Amateurs Photographes d’Hayange et ses Environs) will open on Friday 3rd February at 18:30 and will continue on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th, from 10:00 to 18:00 in the Salle le Molitor in Hayange. It combines an exhibition of the winners of […]

Exposition “Chemins”

On Monday 16th January, the vernissage of the latest exhibition by members of CIEL took place at the Office of Publications of the European Union in rue Mercier, the Office having once again kindly agreed to be host to our annual exhibition. Eighteen CIEL photographers explore the theme of “chemins” with very varied approaches and […]

What’s On: Inquiétante étrangeté

If you are in Paris between 17 January and 4 February, you might like to take in the exhibition “Inquiétante étrangeté”, which includes CIEL photographer Fotini Kaparelou, at La Galerie des Photographes.

Exposition “Mouvement”

Le Club photo des Institutions européennes à Luxembourg (CIEL) a le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage de l’exposition de photos Mouvement, le lundi 25 avril de 18h00 à 19h00 à l’Office des publications de l’Union européenne (2, rue Mercier, L-2985 Luxembourg). Bien exprimer le mouvement en photographie, c’est suggérer plastiquement la vitesse, le dynamisme, le […]

C’est quoi la photographie contemporaine?

À l’ère où nos sociétés sont imprégnées par l’omniprésence des images, les pratiques photographiques contemporaines sont aussi pluriels. Nous allons aborder les points suivants: l’éthique de l’image moderne, la condition expérimentale, la crise des usages, l’utopie documentaire et le destin de l’image performée. On vous attend lundi prochain (11 avril, 20:00) au Foyer Européen ou […]

Les plus beaux villages…

A photo competition themed around the Belgian villages of Chassepierre, Torgny and Nobressart, all within an hour or so of Luxembourg. More details here. Deadline for entries: 28th February 2022.


From 16th January to 4th March 2022 CIEL member Joseph Emile’s outdoor exhibition “Esquisse” can be enjoyed in Jardins Jean-Marie Pelt – Parc de la Seille in Metz. Joseph’s exhibition is part of Metz Photo 10, organised by the Photo-Forum. More details here.

Herbal History

To mark International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May, CIEL member Jonas Byström published a smartphone booklet entitled Herbal History. It matches quotes concerning nature — from Aristotle to Pope Francis by way of Victor Hugo — with photographs created from the exhibits of a 1950s herbarium (a collection of dried and preserved plants, […]

Portraits et panoramas

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